Weekly Zeal update 2.5

I’m a few days late on my Weekly update! I had a sick baby all weekend and was not able to post.
My weight loss is still at 3-4 pounds.
I’m still only drinking one shake a day.
I’m trying to remember to take the cleanse and the thermogenic Burn pills when I’m supposed to……. I’m not the best at that, but I am trying!
Even with the lack of sleep due to the baby being sick, I was in a lot better mood this weekend than I used to be with that lack of sleep!
You know the phrase, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”? Well, when mama is harpy, everybody in this house seems to be happier!!

I also hosted my first Zeal tasting party last week! I think it went great! I Had one person sign up for the Builders Pac And she invited her sisters and her mother to taste everything. Two of her sisters Decided to split a weight management pack to try it out for two weeks. Her mother bought one of the weight management packs and her other sister is in a wait and see how everybody else does.
To really make money at Zeal, I should be hosting 1 to 2 tastings a week. Again, I’m a full-time working mother of two so that’s been a little bit harder for me. I have another friend I’m trying to encourage to host a party for her family as well. I would like her to buy the builders pack so that she makes the money off the plans she sells to her family!
As soon as I receive any money, I will let you know what I make financially! I should receive a weekly bonus for the builders pac the end of this week and a commission check around the 15th of the month.
Due to the tastings, and my husband trying a few shakes this month, I’m out of my chocolate flavor! 😦 I am a chocoholic so I don’t really want to drink the vanilla ones. I may try to be creative this week and mix things in with the vanilla. If I do I will post what was good and what was not quite so good.

Any ideas on what I should mix in?

I have heard that peanut butter is good but I’m allergic to peanut butter.
I think I will try Mint extract first.
Then maybe strawberries!

Until next time, stay safe and remember, I will ship free samples of Zeal anywhere you would like!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Zeal update 2.5

  1. Kristin says:

    Hi. I just came across your blog trying to search for zeal reviews that don’t seem like all they want you to do is buy the product…but ya know…a real review…like yours. I have been trying to decide whether its all hype or if it’s actually worth the money. I noticed above you mentioned you would be willing to send free samples anywhere. I would love to try before I buy, please. If it’s not too much trouble. Let me know. Thank you very much

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